Konica Minolta bizhub C364e Trouble Code List

When your bizhub MFP has issues, many times you will be presented with an error code. Unfortunately, the error code does not give you much information as to what the problem actually is. The machine’s CPU performs a self-diagnostics function that, on detecting a malfunction, gives the corresponding malfunction code on the control panel. Each code corresponds to a particular issue that the machine is experiencing. Below is an example of what the machine will display on the main screen when a trouble code is found by the Konica Minolta bizhub C364e.

Example image of Trouble Code C - 5103
Example image of Trouble Code C – 5103

Many trouble codes can be reset. Sometimes, an acute issue might happen that will generate a code even when there is not a recurring issue. For certain trouble codes, the machine will attempt to automatically clear the issue by rebooting itself. Other times, it will be necessary for a user to manually take action to clear the trouble code. This can be done by taking the following two steps.

  1. Opening/closing the front door
  2. Turning main power switch OFF/ON (not sub power switch)

If these two steps are taken and the trouble code remains, further action will be needed eliminate the problem that is causing the trouble code. In some circumstances, users will be able to take steps to fix the problem. In other cases, you will need to contact a trained service technician to preform the required maintenance to fix the underlying problem. To help you understand the potential problems the Konica Minolta bizhub C364e might be experiencing, below is a list of the most common Trouble Codes with descriptions as well as a complete list of Trouble Codes for your reference.

Common Trouble Codes

Error CodeDescriptionAction
C0202Tray 1 feeder up/down abnormalityUsually paper has fallen behind the tray
C0204Tray 2 feeder up/down abnormality
C0206Tray 3 lift-up failure
C0208Tray 4 lift-up failure
C0210LCT lift failure
C0211Manual feed up/down abnormality
C0214LCT shift failure
CD004HDD IssueReformat or replace the hard drive.
C3101Fuser IssueIf trouble reset does not clear the trouble code, replace the fuser.
C3201, C3202
C3722, C3725, C3726
C3825, C3826
C3922, C3925, C3926
CE301Memory IssueRestart from the main power switch.

C364e Trouble Codes

Error CodeDescription
C0002Paper feed communication error
C0106Tray 3/LCT paper feed motor turning at abnormal timing
C0107Tray 3/LCT vertical transport motor turning at abnormal timing
C0108Tray 4 paper feed motor turning at abnormal timing
C0109Tray 4 vertical transport motor turning at abnormal timing
C0202Tray 1 feeder up/down abnormality
C0204Tray 2 feeder up/down abnormality
C0206Tray 3 lift-up failure
C0208Tray 4 lift-up failure
C0210LCT lift failure
C0211Manual feed up/down abnormality
C0214LCT shift failure
C1004FNS communication error
C1081SD communication error
C1102Main tray up/down motor drive malfunction
C1103Alignment plate motor/Fr malfunction
C1105Bundle eject motor drive malfunction
C1106Stapler movement motor malfunction
C1109Stapler motor drive malfunction
C1112Stapler motor malfunction
C1113Center-staple lead edge stopper motor malfunction
C1114Center-staple front adjust drive motor malfunction
C1115Center-staple knife drive motor malfunction
C1132Punch drive motor malfunction
C1140Alignment plate motor/Rr malfunction
C1141Paddle motor drive malfunction
C1144Pre-eject drive motor malfunction
C1145Trailing edge stopper motor malfunction
C1156Center-staple paddle roller motor malfunction (trailing edge)
C1182Shift motor drive malfunction
C1184Paper discharge control motor malfunction
C1195Paper discharge control motor malfunction
C1196Center fold roller motor malfunction
C1197Tri-folding guide motor malfunction
C11A1Exit roller pressure/ retraction malfunction
C11A2Accommodation roller pressure/ retraction malfunction
C11E1Paper exit switching drive malfunction
C1402FS nonvolatile memory error
C2152Transfer belt pressure welding alienation
C2253, C2254PC motor failure to turn
C2255, C2256Developing motor failure to turn
C2355Transfer belt cleaner cooling fan failure to turn
C2411, C2412, C2413, C2414Developing unit new article release
C2551, C2553, C2555, C2557Abnormally low toner density detected TCR sensor
C2552, C2554, C2556, C2558Abnormally high toner density detected TCR sensor
C2559, C255A, C255B, C255CTCR sensor adjustment failure
C2561, C2562, C2563, C2564TCR sensor failure
C2650Main backup media access error
C2A11, C2A12, C2A13, C2A14Drum unit new release failure
C3101Fusing roller separation failure
C3201, C3202Fusing motor failure to turn
C3302Paper cooling fan failure to turn
C3425Fusing warm-up trouble
C3722, C3725, C3726Fusing abnormally high temperature detection
C3825, C3826Fusing abnormally low temperature detection
C3922, C3925, C3926Fusing sensor wire breaks detection
C4091I/F communication error
C4101Polygon motor rotation trouble
C4501Laser malfunction
C4801Main unit board failure
C4802Main unit backup data miscompare
C5102, C5103Transport motor failure to turn
C5351Power supply cooling fan motor failure to turn
C5354Ozone fan failure to turn
C5355Toner bottle cooling fan failure to turn
C5370Machine rear side cooling fan failure to turn
C5372MFP control board CPU temperature failure
C5501AC signal abnormality
C5601Engine control malfunction
C5603Expansion control board communication error
C6001DF related configuration error 1
C6002DF related configuration error 2
C6102, C6103Drive system home sensor malfunction
C6104, C6105Back side cleaning home sensor abnormality
C6704Image input time out
C6751CCD clamp/gain adjustment failure
C6752ASIC clock input error (front side)
C6753ASIC clock input error (back side)
C6754, C6755CIS clamp adjustment failure
C6756CCD power-supply voltage malfunction
C6901, C6902, C6903DSC board mount failure 1
C6911, C6912, C6913DSC board mount failure 2
C6F01Scanner sequence trouble 1
C8101Before reading pressure welding alienation mechanism trouble
C8107Glass cleaning mechanism trouble
C8302Cooling fan trouble
C8401Data flash failure
C9401, C9402Exposure LED lighting failure
C9403, C9404CIS LED lighting failure
CA051, CA052, CA053Standard controller configuration failure
CC140Trouble related to security
CC151, CC152ROM contents error upon startup
CC155Finisher ROM error
CC156DF ROM error
CC159, CC15AROM contents error upon startup (DSC1), ROM contents error upon startup (DSC2)
CC15BFlash ROM error (saddle)
CC15CEngine Flash ROM writing error
CC163ROM contents error (PRT)
CC164ROM contents error (MSC)
CC165ROM contents error (DF)
CC170, CC171, CC172, CC173, CC174, CC180, CC181, CC182, CC183, CC184, CC185, CC186Dynamic link error during starting
CC190Outline font load error
CC191Setting parameter load error (LDR)
CC211Authentication device general error
CC212User validation error
CC213Card information setting error
CC214User information deletion error
CC216Acquisition failure of the number of trials/Initialize error of number of authentication
CD002JOB RAM save error
CD004, CD00F, CD020Hard disk access error (connection failure)
CD010Hard disk unformat
CD011Hard disk out of specifications mounted
CD012Mount error due to hard disk being unformatted
CD030Hard disk management information reading error
CD041, CD042, CD043, CD044, CD045, CD046HDD command execution error
CD047, CD048, CD049, CD04A, CD04BHDD SCSI library error
CD110Wireless LAN destination initialization error
CD201, CD202, CD203File memory mounting error
CD211, CD212PCI-SDRAM DMA operation failure
CD241, CD242Encryption ASIC setting error
CD252No relay circuit boards for IC-414 mounting at IC-414 mount setting
CD261USB host board failure
CD262Extension network adapter installation error
CD271i-Option activated and additional memory not installed
CD272i-Option activated and additional memory and HDD not installed
CD3##Nonvolatile data error
CD370Nonvolatile data multiple errors
CD390Nonvolatile data checksum error
CD3A0Counter error
CD401, CD402, CD403, CD404, CD405, CD406, CD407, CD411, CD412, CD413NACK command incorrect
CD601, CD602, CD603Trouble related to security
CDC##Trouble related to security
CDF50, CDF70, CDFA0ASIC image error
CDF51, CDF71, CDFA1ASIC image error
CE001, CE003, CE004, CE005, CE006, CE007Abnormal message queue
CE002Message and method parameter failure
CE101Browser finish detected
CE201Transmission operation log storage fault
CE301, CE302, CE303, CE304, CE305Referring incorrect memory
CED01The authentication application information does not exist in the hard disk/SSD board in the enhanced server authentication state.
CEEE1MFP board malfunction
CEEE2Scanner section malfunction
CEEE3Printer control board malfunction